1. Nagato

    China records 5 million fewer cell phone accounts; China issues conflicting holiday travel policies

    In 2020, there was a drop in cell phone accounts by 5 million. The drop is unusual because phone accounts increased by over 60 million in 2019 and 120 million in 2018. CCP have said it's because of a slowing economy, yet the CCP reported a 2.3% increase year over year increase in 2020. Since the...
  2. Nagato

    I don't like numbers in username but... I do like numbers....

    I hate numbers in usernames / display names because to me, I don't see the username as being unique. But I really like Sr., Jr. II, & III, ect. II, III, ect is the real world version of having numbers in your name, making your name unoriginal or uncreative. And yet, for some reason I still like it.