1. TopSilver

    Recent downtime and issue with messed up CSS has now been fixed

    The reason this happened was due to my mod security installation. As the site needs some type of protection, not just cloudflare. I had set it up just yesterday and ended up messing up a file but the site is now restored to it's proper state. I was actually asleep early and didn't notice the...
  2. TopSilver

    update to the welcome notice

    I'm satisfied with this now. Welcome notice was too bland to attract attention from new users. Link display was set to this the whole time just needed to update the notice accordingly. And no it's not a blunt. You can decipher anything you want of it. But I think it looks good myself. ~TopSilver
  3. TopSilver

    Edited the header again and fixed the welcome notice

    Just an update for you guys. I edited the header one last time and fixed the welcome notice. We should be good to go now just wanted to set things up. My apologies if you noticed changes on the site but I think it's worth it to get us ready for activity. I appreciate your support~TopSilver...