1. Nagato


    The United States for whatever reason uses the MM/DD/YY... why? Why not just make it simple and use what the majority of the world uses? DD/MM/YY.
  2. Abizaga


    Did anyone here ever run a forum with invisionfree? Do you remember the old address? how big did it get?
  3. TopSilver

    Just purchased an icon pack with almost 1,000 possible award images ready to setup for Mind Piff

    Hey guys I just wanted to make a quick announcement. I have now purchased like 1,000 possible icons to use for awards for $10. Flat Icon is the best. No attribution is required as well when you pay for their premium service. I currently plan to update all the medals. These are not retro looking...
  4. TopSilver

    You Can Only Post 1 of Your Own Videos Once a Month. Also No Advertising Your Channel Except in the Sticky Thread.

    Just a quick notice folks about YouTube advertising. We do not allow posting channel links outside the designated sticky thread ( If you have a channel that's where you post it one single time. We do however allow posting YouTube...