1. TopSilver

    If you could design a new currency, what would it be?

    So lets say there was so much value put on goods and items, supply and demand took hold. To compensate that, we'd need a new form of currency. Explain to me if you could design one, what would it simply look like and what would each one be called. In my opinion, a Queen or a King, especially...
  2. TopSilver

    I would like to have your attention. Fresh new look with dark style. Also new logo.

    Hey guys there has been a fresh new look I've now given you. I think we've pulled off the look. Did we pull off the logo? Well we needed a new one and something that was more aerodynamic you have my word and now so blustery. Variations of a flag will be used on future updates if it ever changes...
  3. 22_22

    Are you a saver or a spender?

    When it comes to spending money, which one are you? Do you like to splash the cash or do you prefer to keep it in the bank for a rainy day? Do you make smart purchases or are they quite impulsive? What kind of things do you like to spend your money on?
  4. Alexander.

    Earning Money on YouTube

    Is anyone actively earning money on YouTube? I'm wondering how long the review process takes. My channel has over 1,000 subscribers and I need 1240 more watch hours to be eligible. The requirements are 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours.
  5. N

    Laugh Aid - Comedy Stars Raise Money for Comics Struggling During the Pandemic

    Laugh Aid - Comedy Stars Raise Money for Comics Struggling During the Pandemic Comedy Central • Scheduled for 4/4/20, 7:00 PM
  6. TheJason

    Money Talks - The Problem with Capitalism

    My brother lives in Nashville and he's disappointed that a bunch of specialty trees (imports from Japan - a gift from the country) were cut to make something for some football thing. Anyway, that seems to be the scene in the world - and a problem with free markets. I mean, Nashville is booming...