1. TopSilver

    Gaming merged into 1 section and conjoined with entertainment. 2 New Sections Also added

    2 new sections have been added not counting gaming. Gaming has been conjoined with Entertainment and all the gaming sections have been merged into one. The new sections are "Devices & Software" and "Food & Drink". Relevant threads have been moved to the sections. We had no section for computers...
  2. Nagato

    Anyone used Python?

    I want to learn Python on a MacBook Air. I want to make some Reddit bots. One of the Reddit bots I want to make links the latest manga chapter for any manga based on per-defined websites and sticky(and unsticky) and post to the correct forum. The other Reddit bots: Delete a comment after a...
  3. TopSilver

    Another moderator has joined the team

    Hey guys this will be our last moderator for a good while. Laifot has 100 posts now and I've been speaking with him for close to a year as he's been in the mind piff discord. I want to make you all aware that he has now joined the team along with Nagato , Andox88 , Drewan and myself. I plan to...