1. N

    Fire Emblem Heroes!

    It’s a free mobile fantasy SRPG game that I’m addicted to. I play it for hours and hours just to kill time and relieve my stress and anxiety. The gameplay, storyline and sound effects are all awesome. I’m rating it 10/10 for a completely free mobile game.
  2. TopSilver

    We will be using this theme from now on

    Hey guys we will be using this theme from now on. Too many things wrong with the other one including 2 mobile errors I couldn't get rid of as well the post bar not working. Not to worry. I like this theme better. If you notice the light switch bulb to the left of the username can be clicked. By...
  3. Gaming_Kids


    there is a mobile beat game called Voez and I started to get into it, trying to get good and it’s a little hard I’ve done 777k score on Freedom Dive Hard with 6 times speed, I’m getting decent at least.. ya’ll should give it a go (it’s free as well)
  4. TopSilver

    What's Your Favorite Mobile Games?

    What's your favorite mobile games? List your favorite game or favorite mobile game/s and tell us why you like them. Also tell us if they are paid games and if you know the price list how much they cost (if you remember).
  5. TopSilver

    made a minor section change

    VR has now been merged with mobile and is named Mobile Gaming and VR. Also a new section named General Gaming has been added to cut down on spam and keep the forums clean. Also VR isn't as popular yet so this is a good decision on my part. If someone had a topic that was generalized it could be...
  6. TopSilver

    So there's a Mario Kart game coming to Mobile...

    Was wondering if anyone heard about this. It's called Mario Kart Tour and is coming to Apple iOS and Android both in the google play store and apple store. They said it's supposed to release sometime this year but there hasn't been an official release date to my knowledge You can read more...
  7. Trueprime

    Mindpiff is brilliant

    Mindpiff is a brilliant development, and the variety of topics is very interesting. As a fellow developer, I would have to say that this is a comfortable and well designed style and framework. It is very easy to navigate, and I consider it appealing to the eye, especially the light colored...
  8. Drek

    PUBG Mobile is boring, in'nit?

    Does anybody else think this? Just me? Ok.
  9. Kalon101

    The Rise of Mobile Gaming

    I believe that mobile gaming will soon become an export as it is already becoming a spectacle in the esport scene with “Vainglory” the mobile moba coming to light with their new 5v5 and that community is growing bigger and bigger! Players in esports soon will be able to play competitively...