1. TopSilver

    Mod Security Tweaked. You shouldn't view any more error pages.

    Hey guys. I have tweaked Mod Security with the help of a helpful hand on xenforo.com You should not view any error pages again. If you do please let me know and I will look into the exact rule that might have triggered it. Personally mod security protects the site and is a web application...
  2. Lämmchen

    Paranormal or Hypnagogia

    If you find that you see what you think is the paranormal right before you fall asleep or right upon waking up you might want to investigate these: The term hypnopompic describes the period when a person wakes up. Hypnagogic defines the period when a person falls asleep. Why do I bring this...
  3. Kaynil

    Hey everybody!

    Hi everyone, someone invited me to check this place out and I am glad they did because I can already tell that it has a lot of sections I can enjoy interacting and exchanging opinions about. I also joined the discord server because might as well fully jump in, no? Hahaha. So feel free to poke me...
  4. N


    Any updates on PS5? Please post in this thread. Thank you.
  5. K

    Github vs Sourceforge

    So I use GitHub to track issues on our website and keep new features in mind for my users. I have looked at source forge as well and I like it as well which have you used if any and what would you recommend