1. Lämmchen

    What music makes you cringe?

    There's always a genre of music that people hate so what's yours? I am not a fan of modern country music although I'll listen to the old stuff like Patsy Cline. Some of the really explicit rap is annoying to me too.
  2. N

    Favorite Music Genres?

    I'm into music for healing and positive energy, deep sleep, chakra, meditation, focusing, relaxing , spa and massage, new age meditation, Asian zen meditation, Tibetan chanting, yoga and ambient music for meditation, focus and stress and anxiety mainly as I suffer from many mental disabilities...
  3. Sir Twisted

    Who is your favourite artist and why.

    Title is quite self-explanatory, basically my favourite artist would be Dee Snider from the glam metal band twisted Sister I would say this individual because not only is he my favourite musician but he's also been quite an impact in my life, somewhat of an idol I would say. I've been...
  4. CVB115

    Favorite solo music producer/singer?

    Since music has been powerfull and so impactfull do you have anythoughts on musicians that reallyy do change your perspective on life or generaly moved you. so mine is probably (no particular order) : Marshmellow Joji Logic Khalid also this is going to be the first of many post i will post on...
  5. Nagato

    Your Favourite bands?

    What are your favourite bands and what genres do you prefer?