1. Nagato

    Really Treyarch How Is It You Allowed This Back From Blops 4

    Treyarch is known for a lot of copying and pasting in their games. That’s what infuriates me so much. When it comes down to IW or SHG everyone always gives them shit for everything, no matter how big or small. With Treyarch you never see them being held accountable for their bad game design...
  2. Alexander.

    Adding storage space to a Laptop

    So, I have an HP Laptop, and the SSD has only a 250g capacity for memory. Is there any way to purchase an "upgrade slot" and install it onto my machine? I'm reluctant to purchase a new computer because of this, although my storage isn't suitable right now.
  3. CVB115

    Has Movies and Games change music as a nostalgia trigger

    Over these years video game music composer have made great moves to make the game we love iconic. Also, if you observe movies expecially Disney they really did master the art of cinematography with well written music. I wanna hear your thoughts on any songs that came up in your mind that...