1. RedmondG

    First ever game console?

    My first ever game console was the Sega Master System 2 with Alex Kidd built in. It was released in 1990 but i'm sure it was bought for me in either 1991/92. I do have some memories of playing the Commodore64 but it wasn't mine. What was your first ever game console? Be it handheld or home console?
  2. Seaweed Dilemma YT

    PS4, Xbox, or PC ??

    What do you guys play on ??
  3. Mr. Cream

    Im a racist.....

    I hate consoles, mobiles, tablets, anything not a PC. *throws up hail sign* PC MASTER RACE FOR LIFE!!!!!! :p
  4. TopSilver

    John Chang the Mo Pai Master (watch this)

    Okay so this is some crazy ass shit right here. I want you guys to watch both these videos. The first video is about John Chang the Mo Pai Master, and this is real. It's not fake even though I know a lot of you won't believe it. At the end it shows footage of him training his student. The second...