1. N

    Last Game played?

    Mario Kart Tour for me personally. How about you?
  2. N

    Mario Kart, any fans on here?

    I love it and have been playing it since 7-8 years old on my old Game Boy Advance. I currently have it on the Wii. I usually go for Princess Peach and the rainbow circuit.
  3. TopSilver

    So there's a Mario Kart game coming to Mobile...

    Was wondering if anyone heard about this. It's called Mario Kart Tour and is coming to Apple iOS and Android both in the google play store and apple store. They said it's supposed to release sometime this year but there hasn't been an official release date to my knowledge You can read more...
  4. Surfbabe420

    Should they make a super Mario Bros on ps4?

    I think they should I mean they got other games that's is related to it!! What are you thought about it?
  5. Kalon101


    What’s some of your Favorite retro games from when you were kids I know there will be some age gaps but what retro games did you love?