1. Nagato

    Anyone used Python?

    I want to learn Python on a MacBook Air. I want to make some Reddit bots. One of the Reddit bots I want to make links the latest manga chapter for any manga based on per-defined websites and sticky(and unsticky) and post to the correct forum. The other Reddit bots: Delete a comment after a...
  2. Nagato

    One Piece

    Does anyone like One Piece? I'm around episode 580. I watch the dubbed version. I can no longer watch 200+ episode in sub day after day. I want to read the manga but there is over 900 chapters. Is anyone reading the manga?
  3. Nagato

    Darling in the FranXX

    I really like this anime. I am currently reading the manga. The manga has some ecchi panels in it. I prefer Ichigo over Zero Two. Have you watched this anime or read the manga?
  4. Nagato

    Anime/Manga Subreddits

    Here is a list of subreddits: Anime Manga Fuuka GrandBlue BlackClover DomesticGirlfriend BokuNoHeroAcademia Citrus ZettaiRyouiki Ecchi Hentai MangaRockApp MyAnimeList MangaDex AnimeDeals AnimeSuggest Doujinshi EcchiManga HManga LightNovels MangaCollectors MangaColoring Manhwa ScanlationDrama...
  5. Nagato

    Manga Recommendations?

    Does anyone have any manga recommendations? All genres are fine.
  6. Nagato

    Possible websites to read manga

    I recommend: for reading manga on mobiles or tablets. If you're reading on a Laptop/Computer. I recommend
  7. AK15_DEV

    The rising of the shield hero

    The rising of the shield hero is a new anime that just came out in 2019 and it is really good So I recommend you ppl to watch it And hope y'all having a good day
  8. Gaming_Kids

    what’s yours

    what’s your favorite anime? as of now I like DanMachi, btw I got a manga, Konosuba and it’s different from the anime.. I honestly don’t know which came first as the manga looks different and it’s book styled.. but Konosuba is pretty good as well, I’d still prefer DanMachi
  9. G

    What manga are you waiting to be adapted into anime?

    Sometimes it feels like all manga gets an anime adaption but some anime adaptions never happen. I'm still waiting for a Doubt anime. Any you can think of? If so, tell me below. :unsure:
  10. G

    New section - Anime and Manga!

    Heya - as the title says I would like to request a new section. From what I've seen so far there is a bunch of people, including me that are watching anime or reading manga. So, why not have a place to discuss about it? The section could be called "Otaku Center" or whatever that suits. ;)