1. Lämmchen

    Mouse, Wireless Mouse, Touchpad or ?

    I have a corded mouse but my laptop also has a touchpad and I can't stand to use it. Maybe it's because I started with a mouse 30 years ago and can't break myself of that habit. I don't even care for a wireless mouse. What do you prefer?
  2. Alexander.

    Adding storage space to a Laptop

    So, I have an HP Laptop, and the SSD has only a 250g capacity for memory. Is there any way to purchase an "upgrade slot" and install it onto my machine? I'm reluctant to purchase a new computer because of this, although my storage isn't suitable right now.
  3. Nova

    MSI or ASUS

    I recently purchased the ASUS laptop and I am happy with it. Though I want to know how much buffed up configuration is out there. And I came across the MSI laptops which were a bit pricey but worth checking I suppose.Anyone here have any experience with the MSI ? Which one from the MSI or ASUS...
  4. N

    Your laptop can help fight COVID-19 with [email protected] project

    Your laptop can help fight COVID-19 with [email protected] project
  5. Laifot

    Post Your Desktop!

    ITT: We post our desktop. Desktop at work lol
  6. Andox88

    PC TEMP.

    How hot you guys let your PC get? On average I'm sitting at around 40c but if i get past 50 (only happened once) i shut it down. If you have no idea how to check u suggest downloading MSIafterburner its a app that basically lets you know how your computer is doing stats wise. MSIafterburner...
  7. FFSakes

    Your Graphics

    What current graphics card does everyone have? I have a 1060. It's not the best but it's pretty damn good. I've always been a fan of nvidia but.