1. Nagato

    iPhone customization

    Now that iOS 14 is out, these 3 ideas would almost instantly make the iPhone more customizable: 1. In the settings app, have a toggle option to hide or show all app names. 2. Companies, for free, adopt multiple icons. So for example: Multiple of the same YouTube icons, just switching out the...
  2. N

    Your current Phone?

    I'm using an iPhone 6s and have been for 2-3 years already currently and have been generally happy with it too.
  3. TopSilver

    Favorite iPhone/Android App?

    What's your number #1 favorite iPhone or Android app and is it paid or free. If it's paid and you remember tell us how much it costs. Also if it's for Android or iPhone and what you use it for. This one is not for games but actual apps on your phone. Is it a useful app and what does it do? Let...
  4. TopSilver

    What kind of Phone Do You Have?

    Just wondering what kind of cell phone you guys have? I am way behind the times and I personally have an iPhone 5 Do you have android? iPhone? Or are you a Google phone type guy? Let us know what kind of phone and if it's iphone, android, or google phone.
  5. Nagato

    iOS or Android?

    Which do you prefer? I recently got a Samsubg S7 Edge. I tried it out and after using it I don't know why there is 1,000 diifferent types of phones that run Android. I am a fan of the Google Pixel. But I prefer iOS.