1. JoyFreak

    Paint.NET - free software for design I highly recommend this software which is free. I designed my logo with it. I've been using it for years. It offers A LOT of options than the standard paint software you get with windows. Try it out!
  2. Nagato

    Python libraries that were used to generate Black hole image.

    Python libraries that were used to generate Black hole image. astropy ephem future h5py html matplotlib networkx numpy pandas pyfits pynfft requests scipy skimage Full source code:
  3. TopSilver

    Setting up our Featured Thread Landing Page Tonight

    I will be adding once again our featured thread landing page to the site. This will mostly consist of additional widgets and also threads that I thought worthy of the front page which will be featured on the front page. Some of you may notice me adding an image to one of your threads. That's...
  4. TopSilver

    Footer Tweaked Some

    Just a quick update regarding the footer. I tweaked it a bit as I had recently received feedback it would look much better without the surrounding boxes. After short review of this I decided that I agree'd with the feedback so updated it. You may have noticed the header had an image in it since...
  5. Andox88


    looks a bit weird as i had to condense the image over 100% to post it here. :)