1. TopSilver

    All Site Updates Will Be Posted in this Thread

    All site updates will be posting via this sticky thread to avoid clutter and repeated announcements. Update 2-20-2021 - Node Icons Changed back to font awesome. I decided that the icons looked better with Font Awesome 5 and changed it back. I believe I am satisfied with the result.
  2. TopSilver

    New Node Icons Have Been Added

    I have added new node icons to the site. The ones we had using font awesome 5 were good but these are professional as hell in my opinion. I like the way they look and am far impressed by the look it gives off. We will be keeping these long-term. If your new, feel free to sign up. We are just...
  3. Nagato

    iPhone customization

    Now that iOS 14 is out, these 3 ideas would almost instantly make the iPhone more customizable: 1. In the settings app, have a toggle option to hide or show all app names. 2. Companies, for free, adopt multiple icons. So for example: Multiple of the same YouTube icons, just switching out the...
  4. Nagato

    Identities Added

    This is just a short announcement, I have add some gaming identities. Some will link to their website so when clicked, it will go to that website. Along with new gaming identities, you will see icons next to the identities and custom user fields. Some icons will also now appear next to bbcode...
  5. TopSilver

    Just purchased an icon pack with almost 1,000 possible award images ready to setup for Mind Piff

    Hey guys I just wanted to make a quick announcement. I have now purchased like 1,000 possible icons to use for awards for $10. Flat Icon is the best. No attribution is required as well when you pay for their premium service. I currently plan to update all the medals. These are not retro looking...
  6. TopSilver

    Here are some great sites for free vectors and icons

    These are some great sites for free vectors and icons. Each one comes with a ton of free icons and vectors for your website or project.http://www.findicons.com www.findicons.com www.iconfinder.com www.vecteezy.com www.flaticon.com www.icons8.com www.dryicons.com www.freepik.com...