1. Xyphien

    Radon, a threat no one seems to talk about

    I've personally never heard of Radon, nor has any of my friends. My buddy, who's a lot older than I am said he spent 20 years installing radon vents and then when I put a contract on a home to make sure to get it checked out. What most people don't know is Radon is one of the largest killers...
  2. Xyphien

    What are some of your experiences?

    When I was younger I use to stay in my aunts attic, its where she kept her computer and I was addicted to runescape. So I'd stay up until around 5am, and every night there would be footsteps that would walk up the stairs, into my room, and stop at the rug that I would be on. After like 20...
  3. Gaming_Kids

    about ps4 game

    has anyone heard of the PS4 game “Portal Knights”? it’s quite fun, played it at a friend’s house and I loved it.. now I need money to buy it sooo.. I can’t play it at my own house but soon
  4. fem.babysloth

    Book Recommendations

    Feel free to reply with your book recommendations. Today I would like to recommend The Sisters Grimm series. Its a wonderful, thrilling, kickass story about a couple of kids who become fairy tail detectives and just go around solving crimes and beating up bad guys with the help of their old and...
  5. G

    Do you have any pets?

    Yes, I have a pet. A kitty! How about you? ;)