1. CVB115

    Are you spending your time wisely with games?

    Recently I've gotten busy with school task and personal development and well after countless games that I play I felt like all those hours can be used to sleep or study. As some people spend time in different games either catching up with ranks or their world progress. I spend lots of time...
  2. Empire

    No Internet! Ohh God. Bored!

    As of today, it's been very cold, cold in fact that it's not even snowing but ice, anyway point saying that my phone and internet line went down for eight hours today. Got me thinking though. Since we all do things online, I was bored. I was like damn. most that I do is the online and the only...
  3. C

    How many hours do you spend on gaming?

    I can only spend about 2 hours. A friend of mine, he can play more than 5 hours per day. For me, that's too much, because, after 2 hours in front of my gaming PC, I am losing my mind :) What about you guys?
  4. N

    Fire Emblem Heroes!

    It’s a free mobile fantasy SRPG game that I’m addicted to. I play it for hours and hours just to kill time and relieve my stress and anxiety. The gameplay, storyline and sound effects are all awesome. I’m rating it 10/10 for a completely free mobile game.