1. Laifot

    COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

    Hi all, The meaning of this thread is not to "inform" or rather copy paste news concerning the virus itself but our experience and try to give us strength to face up this. In my country we have 8 confirmed cases, the situation is rather "under control" but the psicosis is crazy. People fight...
  2. TheJason

    Fake Hipsters

    I decided to grow some side burns (lamb chops) so my Jerry Seinfeld/Chevy Chase brother had to take a swipe at hipsters. He was noting one meme about the big beard hipster - who couldn't even change a tire! :LOL: Anyway, this hypocrite (my brother) has had a goatee for 20 years !! Jerk :mad:
  3. Andox88

    Ask the Next Person A Question Game

    It works by having the OP post a question. The next person who replies answers the question, and then asks a question of their own. The next poster replies to that question, and then posts a question of their own. And so on. What is you're favorite pizza topping?