1. Xyphien

    Anyone heard of Pofu?

    Anyone listen to Pofu? Someone made a comment that was extremely. If you haven't heard of who Pofu is they're like NF and Lofi had an amazing love child. Here's some of his songs.
  2. Nagato

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  3. Nagato

    Apex Legends

    Have you played the game? Do you like it? I like the game and have won .
  4. TopSilver

    So there's a Mario Kart game coming to Mobile...

    Was wondering if anyone heard about this. It's called Mario Kart Tour and is coming to Apple iOS and Android both in the google play store and apple store. They said it's supposed to release sometime this year but there hasn't been an official release date to my knowledge You can read more...

    Any Walking Dead Fans?

    i've been watching from 1st season :P any other fanatics like me out there? xD
  6. K

    Github vs Sourceforge

    So I use GitHub to track issues on our website and keep new features in mind for my users. I have looked at source forge as well and I like it as well which have you used if any and what would you recommend