1. TopSilver

    I am proud to announce we have upgraded Xenforo to 2.2.3 Finally. Couldn't have worked out more perfectly

    The site upgrade went very smoothly. I will save the feature information since we are still a new site but I will say we are racking up on posts and I can only hope it continues. You can read up on the second point conversion changes here on xenforo's official website ->...
  2. Nova

    MSI or ASUS

    I recently purchased the ASUS laptop and I am happy with it. Though I want to know how much buffed up configuration is out there. And I came across the MSI laptops which were a bit pricey but worth checking I suppose.Anyone here have any experience with the MSI ? Which one from the MSI or ASUS...
  3. Thomasss

    Thomasss here!

    Hi all! Happy to be part of the site and start some debating! See ya'll around!