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    Fries or Chips?

    I do personally love : Mcdonald's fries and Brits and Chips' fish and chips. Fries with ketchup, steak, a club sandwich or a poutine. Chips with fish and chips, curry sauce, chili or ketchup and malt vinegar. What about you? And how do you like them and where do you have them?
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    Your favorite Fast-Food?

    Cheeseburgers, Hawaiian pizzas, steak and fries, fish and chips and poutines for me personally. How about you?
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    How do you have your Fries?

    Or do you have them at all? I have mine with either a tartar dip, ketchup and malt vinegar or a honey mustard Dijon dip. Sometimes with a marinara or sour cream and onion dip too. Depends on my mood I guess.