1. Lämmchen

    When friends/family ask for free Graphics

    What do you say to friends or family who ask for free graphics from you? Are they pushy? Do they want things done immediately even though they say take your time?
  2. Mr. Cream

    Alt-Tech Sites

    What are some sites you know of to compete wwith twitch, youtube, facebook, twitter? I know theres Minds, Parler, Odyssey, bitchute. What are some others name what you know.
  3. Jason

    Hello everyone!

    Hello and greetings to all. I am Jason from India. I own a Webmaster forum, love to troubleshoot and a noob gamer. Happy to be part of this cool forum.
  4. twisted_hippie

    introducing maself :D

    hello everyone! i was told to kinda introduce myself and stuff. my name is Jillian :) i like to play the ukulele and take pictures. i love conspiracy theories, aliens, paranormal/ spiritual stuff and plants. i hope i can get to know some of you and maybe make some friends have a beautiful...
  5. Trueprime

    I got back into World Of Warcraft

    Last night, I chatted with a good ol buddy of mine, and he managed to perk my interests up again for WOW. I took a break from it 8 months ago as I was concentrating on web development. The two key factors that brought me back to the game was old friends and the new expansion. the new Expansion...
  6. Maderia (Row)

    Hi all!!

    Hey Everyone! I am Rowena. My gaming name is Maderia. I play WoW and Destiny 2 and Diablo. I am also Canadian. I live on the west coast! I hope to make some friends here :)