1. Nerdface

    An introduction.. to me!

    Hi Brad, and other members of Mind Piff. My name is Andy - glad to be here. I'm 33 (*sigh*), married, have 1 beautiful daughter, and I live in the UK. Although I've never conversed with Brad directly, we've both been around the forum scene for some time! I look forward to chatting with...
  2. TopSilver

    Awards are a work in progress

    If anyone is good at vectors and wants to work with me in the coming days to make some awards let me know. Most of them will be replaced with circular ones. I want each one to be circular. They need to somehow represent the award they are for and I intend to add many more along with re-doing and...
  3. Desery

    I Am Desery

    Hello! My name is Desery :) I am partnered with MINDPIFF on Discord :) I'm a YouTuber :) I Love The Site :) Looking forward to seeing it grow :)