1. TopSilver

    Alert issue flashing white. Will be fixed soon.

    I am aware of the alert area flashing white. I plan to fix it soon. I will update this thread once that issue is resolved. For now don't mind it. Will be dealt with shortly. Thank you~TopSIlver
  2. Trueprime

    Mindpiff is brilliant

    Mindpiff is a brilliant development, and the variety of topics is very interesting. As a fellow developer, I would have to say that this is a comfortable and well designed style and framework. It is very easy to navigate, and I consider it appealing to the eye, especially the light colored...
  3. TopSilver

    Edited the header again and fixed the welcome notice

    Just an update for you guys. I edited the header one last time and fixed the welcome notice. We should be good to go now just wanted to set things up. My apologies if you noticed changes on the site but I think it's worth it to get us ready for activity. I appreciate your support~TopSilver...
  4. TopSilver

    Simple issue with blurred profile avatars now fixed

    Hey guys. There was a small issue with blurred avatars on the profile page. That has now been fixed and we are now using round avatars. I hope you like! Thank you for your support. - TopSilver