1. Xyphien

    Fix the feedback Icon

    Compared to the others the feedback icon is very stretched. I'd recommend fixing that :) I'm on google chrome if that helps :D
  2. TopSilver

    Footer Tweaked Some

    Just a quick update regarding the footer. I tweaked it a bit as I had recently received feedback it would look much better without the surrounding boxes. After short review of this I decided that I agree'd with the feedback so updated it. You may have noticed the header had an image in it since...
  3. Andox88


    when typing a message on a thread or replying to one the "post" button is not highlighted and the "preview" button is, i often click on the preview button instead of post simply because its highlight it makes more sense to click it but then i have to spend extra time fixing my mistake, or...
  4. Trueprime

    Mindpiff is brilliant

    Mindpiff is a brilliant development, and the variety of topics is very interesting. As a fellow developer, I would have to say that this is a comfortable and well designed style and framework. It is very easy to navigate, and I consider it appealing to the eye, especially the light colored...