1. Laifot

    Christmas Thread

    Hi Fellow MPers, So what are your Xmas plans? planning to do something different? how has COVID-19 affected your schedule? i hope no one will be missed at your dinner table this year, i know it has been really hard for all of us and had major or less impact but changed our lives forever...
  2. Sir Twisted

    Hey folks.

    hello everyone I'm new to the community, thank you to topsilver for recommending me to join the site. I would just like to say that the community is looking absolutely lovely with a nice theme! My name is Liam but mostly I go by the name Sir Twisted, I've been going on forums and running my...
  3. CVB115

    Mind Piff is Back

    3/16/2020 9:13 PM (GMT+7) Latest post 2020 welcome to the new decade hope everyone is doing great. Currently the covid-19 is an issue that alot of people are freaking about. Some countries have quarantine their population schools are closed and business are questonably open. The economy is a...
  4. Gaming_Kids

    been a while

    so it’s been a while since I’ve posted on this site and it hasn’t lifted too well for the time I have been here, it did start great but it isn’t going so I’m gonna be posting here more often to help out and start promoting this more out so I hope you guys get more recognition and just have crazy...
  5. TopSilver

    Facebook Style Chat Now Added for Logged in Members Only. I have un-installed our previous chat.

    Hello everyone. Just wanted to update you all the new feature now brought to Mind Piff. This will create a lot of user engagement in my opinion and is a fantastic idea. I have now taken the initiative to purchase a facebook style chat add-on. For a lot of sites this isn't necessary. But since...
  6. TopSilver

    Join the MindPiff discord! Sidebar Widget Added

    Just a quick announcement. I have added a sidebar discord widget for the mind piff discord. Join us today! We'd love to have you in the discord even if you haven't yet signed up on the site. Come chat with us. Everyone is welcome no matter what race or kind of person you are. We welcome...
  7. M

    Hey everyone

    Hey it’s me Carson or known by my discord name Mongolian Throat Sining Enthusiast. What is this place can someone give me a tldr of how this works