1. 22_22

    Thoughts on documentaries?

    I think documentaries are great. They have a range of different styles, whether it be history, sport or so forth. I myself really enjoy sports documentaries, which I am grateful to Netflix for, as they have multiple different ones. That is where I watched Sunderland til I die' which follows the...
  2. _B_

    Hi. I'm _B_.

    Hey guys. As you can tell, I'm _B_ and I'll provide a little introduction. I'm a uni student (just started this month) and I enjoy a little bit of coding, gaming and binge-watching Netflix and YouTube. It has been an unusual period and I've just tried to make the most of it through learning to...
  3. C

    Hi to everyone

    Hi to the community! @ConteNY here, Mario is my real name. I have my full-time job and in my free time, I am playing video games, hanging out with my family, watching some Netflix series, etc. NYC based. Have a great day everybody!
  4. X

    Hello MindPiff

    Hello, I’m new here. You can call me Xoogle.
  5. Gaming_Kids


    Its me Gaming_Kids, same name on discord but with the tag #1967
  6. pat12808

    Introducing pat12808

    Hey my name's Patrick! I learned about this forum through a friend in another community on Discord called Draconic Fighters. They're a server for a clan on a Steam game called Robocraft. My username on Steam is lloydxxxirving. Unfortunately the other variants of the name were already taken...
  7. FFSakes

    I'm Ronald McDonald

    Hey guys, I'm the mascot for McDonald's. I enjoy eating burgers and french fries, occasionally. I did get a bit on the heavy side but that could have been literally anything else i have been eating. Who's to tell? I enjoy wearing jumpsuits, specifically yellow ones with red stripes. I have red...