1. Shole

    Do books lose their meaning in translations?

    I discussed this a while back about an adult book that I really dislike and a friend of mine loves. I read the English version and she read the Serbian version, so I was surprised to find that she enjoyed it a lot with our tastes being identical. Do you think that translating some books changes...
  2. Nagato

    Rent A Girlfriend

    RAG's Chizuru Ichinose reminds me of Koyuki Hinashi from Fuuka sorta. It's been awhile but imo they also look the same. This anime also reminds me of Suzuka. Both shows somehow have the main characters living next door to each other. So far only 4 episodes are dubbed and as of writing this...
  3. G


    Is your native language other than English? If not, something you really like how sounds? Here is a old but gold song from my country. It was so popular!