1. TopSilver

    Email Confirmations now Enabled. Be sure to check the spam folder

    I have now enabled email confirmations. When you sign up you will simply need to click a link in your email. Almost all sites do this now and it only takes a second but it's to help prevent spam and make sure that users signing up are actually real people. I'm sure you can understand. Be sure...
  2. N

    Getting back old members

    Any strategy to get back some old active members to post again on MP?
  3. Nagato

    What is your preferred email host?

    I use the basic option and Gmail.
  4. Andox88


    TopSilver how possible is it to get an email whenever you would normally receive a notification on the site. So like when you get a notifaction on the site you also recieve an email letting you know with a direct link to the thread/ message you got notified in. I see this with other forums and...
  5. TopSilver

    Get Website Database Backups Sent Directly to Your Computer With Windows Live Mail. Easy Solution

    A lot of you need off-site database backups on the fly. Well with Windows Live Mail you have that option by using this email script attached below for your database. Windows Live Mail is a mail client that can receive your emails from any mail server or email and keep them without leaving a...