1. Nagato

    Do you drink alcohol?

    Do you drink alcohol? Last night wasn't pretty. I decided I was going to drink Jack Daniels from now on but I think I'm going to stop drinking altogether.
  2. Nagato

    Favourite Alcohol & Brands?

    Favourite Alcohol & Brands? Before I'd drink a couple times a year, last 3 months I have decided I want to try a wide rang of alcohol and see what I like. My number one favourite vodka is the Crystal Skull vodka. I ordered Stoli Elit today. I've tried a bit of vodka and yeah.
  3. TopSilver

    Favorite Beer?

    What's your favorite beer? Mines Bud Light and also Coors Light. I know a lot of people who drink Busch. Which actually isn't that bad tasting but personally I prefer Bud Light and Coors is my second favorite. Post your favorite beer below and tell us why you like it more than other kinds. I...
  4. Nagato

    Do you drink tea or coffee?

    I drink both but I mainly have coffee. I have coffee infrequently. I am going to start having Matcha Green tea (powder form)