1. N

    DiscordJS Tutorial - Create a Discord Bot from Scratch

    DiscordJS Tutorial - Create a Discord Bot from Scratch
  2. Cameron Taylor

    Hey guys!

    Hey guys, my name is Cameron, and I am a 22 year old based in Nashville, TN. I've seen this forum advertised in a couple different places here recently, so I figured I'd finally take the time and sign up. It's awesome to be here, and this forum looks great. I am curious how you guys feel about...
  3. Gaming_Kids

    tomorrow or day after

    on my youtube channel I’ll be posting a video releasing a discord server that I made for it, the invite link will be in the description.. this will be a serious server cause it will be there until I’m done or quit youtube or just have no motivation to post, thanks for talking your time to read...
  4. Malcolm

    Hello Malcolm here!

    Hello everyone! I'm new here, I was invited my TopSilver. I'm 22 from Canada! If you have any questions feel free to ask! Site looks amazing, and can't wait to meet you all! Malcolm
  5. Camelion

    Hello everyone!

    Wassuuuup guys! I'm Camelion, i'm a :unsure: ... let's say "mediocre gamer" ;), because of the work and everything (i'm 27, don't have too much time for gaming anymore :cautious:, but anyway i continue to play as soon as i have the time, especially the weekends), used to play A LOT some time...
  6. pat12808

    Introducing pat12808

    Hey my name's Patrick! I learned about this forum through a friend in another community on Discord called Draconic Fighters. They're a server for a clan on a Steam game called Robocraft. My username on Steam is lloydxxxirving. Unfortunately the other variants of the name were already taken...
  7. TopSilver

    Join the MindPiff discord! Sidebar Widget Added

    Just a quick announcement. I have added a sidebar discord widget for the mind piff discord. Join us today! We'd love to have you in the discord even if you haven't yet signed up on the site. Come chat with us. Everyone is welcome no matter what race or kind of person you are. We welcome...
  8. zZiga


    Hello, I'm Alejandro, I'm a student in the year 7. I'm 13 years old. I'm taken ;) I hope make as many friends as possible. Add me on DISCORD : 「Mr.zZiga 」#4637 If you have any questions about discord just ask me because im a Discord Hype Squad (About 1-2 years online)
  9. Mr. Cream

    Now you can help me :P

    Build Streamer Squad, its obvious gorebane isnt going to do a damn thing with it, I will make us official partners.
  10. Desery

    I Am Desery

    Hello! My name is Desery :) I am partnered with MINDPIFF on Discord :) I'm a YouTuber :) I Love The Site :) Looking forward to seeing it grow :)