1. N

    Your favorite Liquors?

    Mine are the Bailey's cream, Amarula and Kaluha. What's yours?
  2. N

    Your favorite Snacks?

    Nuts, kettle crisps, fish and chips, bacon bits, pizza bites, bagels, French toasts with butter, honey and jam, crackers, veggies with ketchup or ranch dressing are my personal favorite snacks that I have in-between meals. What's yours?
  3. N

    How do you like your Coffee?

    I like mine with 2 creams, 2 sugars and Irish cream coffee is my favorite. My favorite brand is Van Houtte coffee beans.
  4. Mr. Cream

    Wassup Im Mr_Cr3am.

    I've made an intro before, but I am redoign it. I am Mr Cr3am from You guys want to see some awesome game play and have good conversations and AMA, then come I stream every day at least 6-8 hours a day or more! I love fps games, story driven games, a good hack n slash too...
  5. Mr. Cream

    im new

    hey im mr cream, what is going on people? I am a streamer and youtuber!