1. Mr. Cream

    I think we should have...

    a streamer section for when they're live you can watch them on mindpiff, grow mindpiff and the streamers community
  2. Gemma


    Helloooo, I'm Gemma, UK resident, sometimes website owner, occasional dabbler in forum layouts. Saw Mind Piff listed when randomly browsing on another site so thought I'd sign up and say hi. Nice looking site. Looking forward to seeing you all around the community :)
  3. Nerdface

    Mind Piff's community catch-up

    So it feels like it's been a while since we've conversed properly, which is understandable with @TopSilver taking a break from things.. With his impending return, I thought it'd be a good idea for us to have a bit of a community catch-up. What has everyone been up to over the past couple of...
  4. bittersweet

    Hello everyone!

    Hello! New member to the community here and hoping to stick around for the long haul. I'm Jake, been on forums well on close to 13+ years now or so (rough estimate, more than likely longer). I'm a big fan of movies, television and gaming so you'll more than likely find me frequenting those...
  5. Malcolm

    Suggestion for BBCode

    Hello Mind Piff! I use this add-on called Code </> on my XenForo community called CodeForum. And works great makes copying code and reading it much easier. Well, I just wanted to recommend it here!
  6. pat12808

    Introducing pat12808

    Hey my name's Patrick! I learned about this forum through a friend in another community on Discord called Draconic Fighters. They're a server for a clan on a Steam game called Robocraft. My username on Steam is lloydxxxirving. Unfortunately the other variants of the name were already taken...
  7. Trueprime

    Hello To The MindPiff Community

    My name is Joe aka Trueprime, and I am a guy who happens to like video games. My major interests include web development and business, especially in the gaming niche. I am giving a big shoutout to the MindPiff community and thanks for letting me be a part of this amazing community. I am always...
  8. TopSilver

    Community Religion List

    List your religion or if you don't have a religion you can say atheist or agnostic. Let the community know what your religion is. Save your debates for other threads. This is a simple community religion list. No arguing in this thread. Save that for other topics. Thank you. I will start by...