1. Lämmchen

    Favorite Christian Hymns Thread

    Some of the best Christian hymns use direct scripture lines for the wording so you know you're being fed on God's Word. There are hymns that make me cry because of the history of why they were written and there are hymns that sound so joyous (such as at Easter time) that you can't help but...
  2. Lämmchen

    Glad to be here!

    Hi, my name is Kathy and I run a Christian Forum. I like to do arts and crafts and graduated from the American Academy of Art in Chicago in 1987. Those were exciting times :D
  3. TopSilver

    Community Religion List

    List your religion or if you don't have a religion you can say atheist or agnostic. Let the community know what your religion is. Save your debates for other threads. This is a simple community religion list. No arguing in this thread. Save that for other topics. Thank you. I will start by...