1. TopSilver

    Random poll. Channel 13 or Channel 17?

    This is not a spam thread because I'm interested in seeing what you guys vote for. I go a long ways back with this type of deal and would like to know if anyone prefers 17 over 13. Doesn't make much sense to some of you but there's an interesting theory that if you turn your TV to static on...
  2. TopSilver

    Pirate or Ninja?

    Simple question. Pirate or Ninja? I choose ninja. Pirates are old drunken son of a guns and though they make a good bounty they aren't as specialized in the arts as a ninja. Choose wisely and explain below why you chose your answer :D
  3. TopSilver

    MindPiff v2.0 New Custom Default Light Theme and Dark Theme Now Live

    Hey guys just wanted to share with you some information about the new look. Simply put it took me 3 days straight coding nonstop css to bring this to you. I surely hope you like it. Also there are 5 colors to choose from. Blue, green, red, orange, and purple. To top that off I have also made a...