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    Favorite British Dishes?

    Beans on toasts for breakfast, mushy peas with chips, Lancashire hotpot, bangers and mash with mushy peas and chips, toad in a pole, Yorkshire pudding, Sunday roasts, fish and chips or curry sauce or chili or cheese dip or sour cream and onion or a tartar sauce and mayo with malt vinegar...
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    Fries or Chips?

    I do personally love : Mcdonald's fries and Brits and Chips' fish and chips. Fries with ketchup, steak, a club sandwich or a poutine. Chips with fish and chips, curry sauce, chili or ketchup and malt vinegar. What about you? And how do you like them and where do you have them?
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    Your favorite Snacks?

    Nuts, kettle crisps, fish and chips, bacon bits, pizza bites, bagels, French toasts with butter, honey and jam, crackers, veggies with ketchup or ranch dressing are my personal favorite snacks that I have in-between meals. What's yours?
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    How do you like your Steak?

    Medium rare, with BBQ sauce or ketchup salt and pepper, chips or steak tartar, coleslaw salad and chips. Yum. And you yourself?