1. Nagato

    What expensive high quality food do you sometimes get?

    What I mean is Japanese beef wagyu, for example.
  2. N

    Favorite Italian Dishes?

    My personal favorites are : pizza, pasta, risotto and prosciutto al melone. I can't live without pizza and pasta. I have a frozen 3 meats and 3 cheese oven-baked pizza once weekly at home every weekend.
  3. N

    How do you like your Tacos?

    Smothered in salsa, guacamole, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes. Yum. I actually love breakfast tacos more than anything else in the world. Delicious. I've had them only once at a local and Mexican brunch place called "Ben & Florentine".
  4. N

    How do you like your Potatoes?

    Personally, I like them : fried with gravy and cheese curds, battered in beer or maple syrup, baked, fried and roasted with ketchup, salt and pepper. How about you?
  5. N

    Your favorite Sandwich?

    The Cuban sandwich for me personally. What about you?
  6. N

    How do you have your Fries?

    Or do you have them at all? I have mine with either a tartar dip, ketchup and malt vinegar or a honey mustard Dijon dip. Sometimes with a marinara or sour cream and onion dip too. Depends on my mood I guess.
  7. Nagato


    Have you seen Shane’s latest conspiracy video? It was real interesting
  8. G

    Favorite food?

    Pasta, pizza and kebab. How about you?