1. Lämmchen

    Disney Channel?

    Do you watch the Disney Channel? I like to watch it from time to time because I get sick of other things on tv as well as the news. Tonight a new episode of Secret of Sulphur Springs is on Disney and I got hooked on that series right away. It's about 2 kids that go back in time to try to...
  2. Mr. Cream

    My channel intro for twitch

    what do you think? I am still goign to work on it and the music, scripts, backgrounds, cant wait forr the next stimulus.
  3. Alexander.

    Play Buttons

    Correct me if I'm incorrect, but at the following milestones, you are eligible to receive the following Play Button sent out in the post. But, my question is, are they automatically sent out once X amount of subscribers are reached, or is there a review process? Many thanks in advance...
  4. Abizaga

    Nick vs Cartoon Network

    What do you all think? I would have trouble picking one as I have so many good memories watching both.
  5. N

    Favorite news channel

    What’s your favorite news channel?
  6. N

    What would you call your own YouTube Channel?

    What would you call your own YT Channel?
  7. N

    What would you name your own news channel?

    What would you name your own news channel?
  8. fem.babysloth

    Question///General Survey

    I got a buddy who just finished majoring in philosophy and is now majoring in art. I told him he should start an art channel on YouTube where he just paints really cool paintings and talks about philosophy junk. Would you watch his channel if he creates it?
  9. TopSilver

    Chupacabra found by some woman. Keeps it in her house as taxidermy

    Yeah I've seen this a million times on TV. Apparently the chupacabra is a wild animal that looks like a wolf with mange but is nothing of the sort. A woman was recently inspecting her farm and saw that some livestock had been killed. She went to check the livestock and apparently they had all of...
  10. TopSilver

    Random poll. Channel 13 or Channel 17?

    This is not a spam thread because I'm interested in seeing what you guys vote for. I go a long ways back with this type of deal and would like to know if anyone prefers 17 over 13. Doesn't make much sense to some of you but there's an interesting theory that if you turn your TV to static on...
  11. TopSilver

    You Can Only Post 1 of Your Own Videos Once a Month. Also No Advertising Your Channel Except in the Sticky Thread.

    Just a quick notice folks about YouTube advertising. We do not allow posting channel links outside the designated sticky thread ( If you have a channel that's where you post it one single time. We do however allow posting YouTube...
  12. Users Name

    Issa Me <3

    Hey xx. You may notice my moniker on here is "Users Name", but on Discord and Youtube I go by Lowercase Number. I've been lazy with my uploads on my channel so until I get back into 'frequent' uploads, I'll just not post my channel in YouTuber Channel Listing. Things I am interested in may...
  13. TopSilver

    Top 10 Signs of Alien Life Caught On Camera

    This is a quick video I watched the other night. Creepy as hell. Shows what could be real or fake footage of aliens. There's no telling so I will let you decide but it does give for an interesting watch. Towards the end of the video it shows what some are calling "men in black" who appear when...
  14. TopSilver

    YouTuber Channel Listing

    Post your youtube channel here. This is the only place I'm allowing you to post a link to your channel. This is only to keep spam out of the forums and to keep it organized. Here you may post your channel one time. Please do not post it more than once to get attention. For those who have already...
  15. Seaweed Dilemma YT

    My Channel

    I have done YouTube for quite some time, if you want some history about my channel or see what I do then this is a great video to watch.....