1. Mr. Cream

    Im just goin to say it

    Trump won. Im no dumbass I dont listen to what my friends or MSM say I do my research, fact checks and I look at the past. Biden is a fucken racist look who mentored him and who he gave a euology to in 2010 or 11 when they died, a grand wizard of the KKK. Bidens already goign to get us into WW3...
  2. TopSilver

    New theme fixing to go live tonight or tomorrow :D

    Hey guys I have great news. I have found the perfect theme for mind piff. Has an alternating light and dark style to choose from. We won't be using the theme chooser anymore but we will have 1 light and 1 dark theme to choose from. The light switch will still be implemented. This is a flat...
  3. TopSilver

    Advanced techniques to contact your loved ones

    Share with us any techniques you've learned to contact your loved ones that have been since departed. What techniques have you heard of and what ones have you tried. One technique a lot of people are familiar with is the EVP recorder session where you use a special type of voice recorder and...
  4. TopSilver

    Poll. Yes or No to the paranormal

    A simple yes or no to the paranormal. Either you believe it's real or you don't. Answers will remain anonymous. Interesting in finding out how many of you believe in a life after death or another form/plane of existence.