1. twisted_hippie

    Talk about someone you love. It doesn't have to be a significant other :)

    my younger sister is one of my best friends, she gets on my nerves a lot but we are pretty close in age and we normally get along really well. She makes me laugh all the time and she's one of the only people who understand what it's like to live in our house besides our parents. She's super...
  2. Nerdface


    Are there any other parents amongst us who shares in my pain? :LOL: I have just the one child, a beautiful little girl called Freya who turned 1 just last week. She sometimes drives me crazy, but it's so worth it.
  3. Jamie

    Top Silver’s Brother

    Wanted to take a moment and introduce myself as TopSilver’s brother. I am interested in cars, securities, economics and occasionally cooking/dining and will be posting/writing regularly about these topics, among others. thanks!