1. Lämmchen

    Young Adult Books

    Most of the books I have on my Kindle are Young Adult. I started off reading them when I was a substitute teacher at my former high school and the reason is that they are a quick read. Plus it was easy to put down and pick back up and remember where I was. If you read Young Adult let me know...
  2. Shole

    Do books lose their meaning in translations?

    I discussed this a while back about an adult book that I really dislike and a friend of mine loves. I read the English version and she read the Serbian version, so I was surprised to find that she enjoyed it a lot with our tastes being identical. Do you think that translating some books changes...
  3. 22_22

    The longest book you have ever read?

    'A la recherche du temps perdu; by Marcel Proust contains an estimated 9,609,000 characters. The title of this French novel translates to "Remembrance of Things Past" and apparently it is the longest book out there. I am not sure how many more there are quite like this, but I can imagine it...
  4. 22_22

    Academic style books or other readings

    As a student, I have to read a lot more credible sources such as academic book chapters and journal articles. Some things are interesting and very educational, but sadly because I am reading them, I do not find the time or energy to read for fun. Does anyone else read more academia based...
  5. 22_22

    TV shows or movies turned into books?

    Hopefully I do not confuse anyone here, but I think it is well documented that many books have had feature films or tv show adaptions. But what I am asking here is, what do you think about tv shows or movies that have been turned into books? On the flipside if you wish! Which books have you...
  6. Lämmchen

    Movie better than book?

    Is there a movie that you found to be better than the book? I have always been an avid reader until recently and now prefer to watch movies instead of reading the books. I did read the Harry Potter books and saw all the movies multiple times and at first I thought I loved the books more but...
  7. N

    Books to read while in Quarantine

    Books to read while in Quarantine Anyone got any recommendations?
  8. bittersweet

    What book or books have influenced you the most?

    What book has influenced you the most? How have they influenced you?
  9. bittersweet

    Where do you usually buy or read your books?

    As the topic and poll title say, where do you usually buy or read your books?
  10. CVB115

    Anyone interested on game designing

    soon i am going to make a game in unreal engine currently studying about it if you have any ideas or concept that i could iplement my game feel free to post here
  11. TopSilver

    What's your favorite programming book series?

    Wondering what everyone's favorite programming book series is. For any language. I tend to like the Bible series of programming books as well as the Missing Manual series. I tend to keep a few Apress books as well for quick scripting references. What I have done for my studies is keep expanded...
  12. TopSilver

    Have you read the Harry Potter series?

    Just a quick poll to see who has read the Harry Potter series. I read it when I was a teenager and read the entire thing. Let me know if you've read the whole series or only some of it and post below if you have after voting on the poll.