1. Nagato

    Anyone Tried True Tea?

    Anyone Tried True Tea? True tea is any tea that comes from Camellia sinensis. White tea Green tea Oolong tea Black tea Pu-erh tea I recently bought Silver Needle, a white tea.
  2. N

    Your favourite Hamburgers ?

    A tie between the Valentine's cheeseburger and A&W's Mama Burger for me. And you personally?
  3. Nagato

    Python libraries that were used to generate Black hole image.

    Python libraries that were used to generate Black hole image. astropy ephem future h5py html matplotlib networkx numpy pandas pyfits pynfft requests scipy skimage Full source code:
  4. Nagato

    Picture of Blackhole

  5. TheJason

    What color of theme do you like?

    For my drumming and web development (I want a unique look.) forums I have dark - but the religious one I want to keep light. Anyway, studies have shown half of people like "only light", half can stand either - and a quarter only like dark. Those aren't exact figures, just something around that.
  6. Mr. Cream

    Are liberals/SJW'S ruining America/the world?

    What do you guys think, personally I do. The world has turned into a pussy with the gall to justify itself and actions of why it is a pussy. the nerve of some people... I mean c'mon a hundred years ago, the problems we face today, we didn't back then. Why, because times were different and people...
  7. TopSilver

    So Call of Duty Black Ops 4, the next COD release is going to be like Overwatch?

    Yeah so I've been hearing rumors it's supposed to be like overwatch on crack. They had originally made the specialist system and even took out scorestreaks and then scrapped that version because no one enjoyed it, however Charlie Intel has been saying it's supposed to still be futuristic and...
  8. TopSilver

    Top 10 Signs of Alien Life Caught On Camera

    This is a quick video I watched the other night. Creepy as hell. Shows what could be real or fake footage of aliens. There's no telling so I will let you decide but it does give for an interesting watch. Towards the end of the video it shows what some are calling "men in black" who appear when...