1. Laifot

    Dollar bill folding secrets

    I know it's an old topic but what do you think about this?
  2. ShockPoint

    damn shoulder

    Not sure what i've done to my shoulder, but for the past 3 weeks i've been in pain, more so last week, I had to do the last 3 days of the week on 300mg painkillers + ibrufin. - 2 days rest, pain was gone but come work the next day, I think I lasted an hour? Doctor thinks i've pulled something...
  3. Lämmchen

    What's wrong with Biden?

    News clips on Fox show that Biden has a problem with communication and having had a family member with dementia it seems he's suffering from the same fate. Except the media, besides Fox, doesn't address this. Is there something seriously wrong with Biden? If so, what happens if he gets elected...
  4. Lämmchen

    Movie better than book?

    Is there a movie that you found to be better than the book? I have always been an avid reader until recently and now prefer to watch movies instead of reading the books. I did read the Harry Potter books and saw all the movies multiple times and at first I thought I loved the books more but...
  5. N

    Do you approve of Trump?

    Poll: Do you approve of Trump?
  6. N

    News aggregator

    Does anyone know any news aggregators?
  7. TheJason

    Social Mobility

    Many places in the world are cynical about capitalism - so there are revolutionaries and also cut-throat reactionaries. Well, what can be done to increase social mobility - so more people reap the benefits of the free market?
  8. Users Name

    Foldable Smartphones

    What does everyone think of foldable smartphones, will they be the future of smartphones? I personally think they will be a fad and the foldable glass will be better suited to be used in other fields. Perhaps these phones will do better in the gaming phone market, due to their bigger screen.
  9. Andox88

    Rate me!

  10. Seaweed Dilemma YT

    PS4, Xbox, or PC ??

    What do you guys play on ??
  11. Andox88


    when typing a message on a thread or replying to one the "post" button is not highlighted and the "preview" button is, i often click on the preview button instead of post simply because its highlight it makes more sense to click it but then i have to spend extra time fixing my mistake, or...
  12. Drek

    Bing is better than Google

    You probably disagree with that clickbait title. If so, what are some reasons that you think google is better than bing? P.s. Don't just say google has more accurate search results, because we all know that's not true.
  13. Kalon101

    The Rise of Mobile Gaming

    I believe that mobile gaming will soon become an export as it is already becoming a spectacle in the esport scene with “Vainglory” the mobile moba coming to light with their new 5v5 and that community is growing bigger and bigger! Players in esports soon will be able to play competitively...