1. TopSilver

    New Referral Awards Added

    There have been 4 referral awards added with corresponding trophies. These are as follows. Referrer Tier I = 10 trophy points, Award (5 referrals) Referrer Tier II = 15 trophy points, Award (12 referrals) Referrer Tier III = 20 trophy points, Award (25 referrals) And the ultimate award...
  2. TopSilver

    Four Awards Have Been Altered. More medals also on the way

    Quick message to all. These four awards have been changed. - Greeter - Poster Tier 2 - Ratings Received Mastery 1 Tier 3 - Content Moderator They all had very light silver/gray backgrounds and did not display good on the site outside of the dark style. I have added a different award for the 4...
  3. TopSilver

    This style has given me 100% satisfaction

    You may have noticed (though we are still growing) me changing a few things around on the site today. I want you to know that majority of what you noticed is now over if you did. I have never been more satisfied with a custom style that I created and made myself in my entire life then I have...
  4. TopSilver

    Almost all awards now automatic. Users will need to re-feature. Leveling System, Post Bit Revamped and Trophies added too

    A quick announcement. Almost all awards are now handed out automatically and will alert you whenever they are handed out. I bought a new award add-on. Not to worry though, it came with an importer for our old add-on. Everything has gone very smoothly. The only ones that aren't automatic are...
  5. Gemma

    Awards Page Images

    Award icons don't seem to be appearing on the awards help page using the Ryzer Dark theme. You might want to add this to your extra.less template Actually, just noticed the images don't appear when you've uploaded images as attachments so maybe you are hiding them intentionally? If...
  6. Malcolm

    Display the list of possible rewards in Award Requests forum

    Hello Mind Piff, I really would like to see a notice when in Award Request forum which shows all the awards that you can request for. It would make it so much easier when it comes to picking the one that best fits you.
  7. TopSilver

    Medals Redone, batch of new medals added

    Hey guys so I paid @Andox88 $15 to re-do our current medals as well as make some new ones. He has re-done all of them except for VIP. I think he's done a fantastic job. I couldn't have asked much better from him. Also I am proud to announce 12 new awards. You can view the award page to see the...
  8. TopSilver

    Hey I was considering buying this new award add-on soon. Thoughts? They've got an importer for [bd] Medal which is what were currently using. What makes it so special is it has trophy integration for automated awards so instead of having to request the award the majority of the time it will be...
  9. TopSilver

    Awards are a work in progress

    If anyone is good at vectors and wants to work with me in the coming days to make some awards let me know. Most of them will be replaced with circular ones. I want each one to be circular. They need to somehow represent the award they are for and I intend to add many more along with re-doing and...
  10. TopSilver

    A great addition coming to Mind Piff in the next couple days. Trophy points and awarded medals

    Hello everyone. I hope to see this taken a very long way. I have taken the liberty of purchasing an add-on just released for Xenforo 2 called [bd] Medal. What this allows me to do is award users who are active and participate with medals that appear in the postbit of their posts. I'm going to...