1. Nagato

    MyAnimeList Vs AniList

    AniList is much cleaner and looks way better but I have been using MyAnimeList since 2014. MAL also displays my join date without me having to do anything. Whereas AniList does not display anime details. MAL has also been around for a long long time now. But you can't export your anilist to MAL...
  2. Nagato

    MyAnimeList, AniList, Anime Planet, & Kitsu

    I use MyAnimeList. While the site looks outdated (and probably is outdated code wise) I have decided to stick to MAL. While AniList and Kitsu have features I like and MAL definitely needs (ex: Unlimited favourites. MAL you can only get up to 20 by paying.), but I don't like the other sites...