1. TopSilver

    Regarding the section changes

    So here's the run down. First I wanted to say I could have slimmed gaming down to one section but currently it's the most posted category and I really like the fact that there's separate sections depicting each subject. It helps to keep the gaming area organized as the different gaming topics...
  2. Users Name

    Aliens in Media

    Think about it, aliens could probably never be depicted in media properly because most aliens in films are based on animals on Earth in some way shape or form. Additionally, considering that these extraterrestrial creatures can come from other universes, they may have new colours that any...
  3. TopSilver

    What's you guys opinion on aliens being spotted near military compounds?

    Just a quick thread to get everyone's opinion on space crafts being spotted near military compounds. Do you think they're trying to protect us? Or do you think they're just interested in what were doing. This is mainly where the majority of aliens (definitely not all) have been spotted at...
  4. Andox88


    Today is April 18th 2018! today is the day the aliens are supposed to invade! QUICK EVERYONE GRAB YOU'RE TIN FOIL HATS!