1. Gaming_Kids

    been a while

    so it’s been a while since I’ve posted on this site and it hasn’t lifted too well for the time I have been here, it did start great but it isn’t going so I’m gonna be posting here more often to help out and start promoting this more out so I hope you guys get more recognition and just have crazy...
  2. TopSilver

    We have a new VIP

    Everyone give @Malcolm a nice round of applause for obtaining VIP. We had an agreement when he got to 100 posts I would make him VIP. He fits the role quite well. I usually choose this role for someone who has their own website like I do and helps out a lot on the site. He is still new to the...
  3. Gaming_Kids

    I’ve realized

    another thing I noticed is the “keep me signed in” or whatever doesn’t work, I have to log in everytime.. can it not remember device but only the same webpage? cause I delete all history to look neat, is it a problem or a page thing?
  4. Trueprime

    Trueprime here again :)

    Hello Mindpiff community! This is Trueprime here again, now I will have much more time to be active here on I look forward to meeting new folks and chatting about anything.