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  1. Nerdface

    Homemade Pasta?

    I've never tried making my own, but nor have I tried fresh pasta.. I may have to give it a go with my next spag bol.
  2. Nerdface

    Awesome Covers of Songs

    I personally prefer this to the original.. :cool: there's probably not too many covers that you can say that about!
  3. Nerdface

    People that don't listen to or appreciate new music?

    Ehh.. I can agree to an extent, but I really dislike bands changing their sound when it just doesn't work - their previous work was popular for a reason. Linkin Park is a prime example of this.. A Thousand Suns was largely experimental and for the most part I didn't really like it. They...
  4. Nerdface

    Any Walking Dead Fans?

    I started watching TWD, but just kinda stopped mid-way through Season 3 (I think?). I need to try and watch it through again, it's just a lack of free time preventing me from doing so.
  5. Nerdface

    Favourite Motorsport(s)?

    Are you a fan of Motorsport? Which series do you follow? Do you have any favourite driver(s) / team(s)? I'm personally an F1 fan, and have also started attending the WEC Le Mans event which I enjoy. I'll occasionally watch Formula E and MotoGP if it's on and there's nothing else to watch...
  6. Nerdface

    How do you like your Potatoes?

    Mashed (prepped with a bit of butter and milk) Boiled (served with a bit of butter) Roasted (prepped with a lot of oil) I don't bother making my own chips as I don't have a fryer - I buy packs of frozen oven chips instead.
  7. Nerdface

    Changing the appearance of Windows?

    Themes, icon/sound packages, and even start menu replacements are nothing new.. They've been around since Windows XP, and earlier in some cases. Do you still use any applications that do any of this for you? I've recently just purchased a license for Stardock Object Desktop, primarily for a...
  8. Nerdface

    Smoothies or Shakes?

    I enjoy both, but haven't really bothered making my own aside from the Nesquik rubbish.. :LOL: One of my previous ex's used to be really into making smoothies - I just feel like it'd be a bit of a faff and I wouldn't have the time to do it.
  9. Nerdface

    Do you smoke?

    Given the logos of Mind Piff past and present, I'm quite surprised this hasn't been asked already.. Do you smoke? I don't smoke other than once in a blue moon when I've had a few too many to drink, and I'll only have a cigarette or a joint. I can probably count the instances on one hand..
  10. Nerdface

    Console Wars

    Xbox 360 vs PS3 definitely felt like more of a thing than Xbox One vs PS4, though.? or perhaps I'm just less involved these days! I was a huge fan of the Xbox 360, though I did go through quite a few of them due to various issues.. The last straw came when I got a console ban for exploiting a...
  11. Nerdface

    ElkArte anyone?

    I've never heard of it, but I've just looked them up and it seems like a decent little package.. Especially for the price (free)! I do wonder what they'll do as SMF continues to be developed though.. Will they take newer versions as a new baseline to work from with their own updates, or is it...
  12. Nerdface

    Experience a website hacking?

    I ended up shutting down one of my old projects, Gamers Euphoria, after it fell victim to being hacked. As far as I could tell at the time, it was purely a defacement - in hindsight most likely caused by a SQL/XML injection through an Arcade game upload script - I didn't look into it too much...
  13. Nerdface


    I remember I had a few controller 'battery packs' fail on the Xbox 360 that would no longer recharge - but it turned out that if you opened them up, they were simply rechargeable AA batteries.. Take them out, slap them in to a generic recharger, and voila! Thankfully the PlayStation controllers...
  14. Nerdface

    Remember Duke Nukem

    I've never really played them.. I just wasn't particularly interested in FPS games at all until the Xbox 360, honestly. ..even then, I'm not particularly good at them. I can just about make my way through Veteran mode on the Call of Duty games - but I get my ass handed to me online so I tend...
  15. Nerdface

    Console Wars

    Yes, I'd say that console wars are still a thing.. They're perhaps not so prevalent as they were in the 90's and early 00's, but exclusivity deals are still a thing (albeit they tend to be time limited these days) and cross-platform gaming online is still restricted to just a few games. Not to...
  16. Nerdface

    metric > IMPERIAL

    The imperial system is still generally used throughout the UK.. ;) It's just whatever you're brought up with, I guess.
  17. Nerdface

    Inspired by Beyond Order & 24 hour time, what's your opinion on Roman Numerals?

    They're better used in some situations than others.. I never fully understood why they were used at the end of TV shows and movies, much easier to just put the numerical year. I'm sure there is a reason, I just can't be bothered to Google it. When used for titles, whether for people or games...
  18. Nerdface

    Hot Threads

    At the moment, it feels like your criteria for "hot" threads is set too low.. I mean, nearly every thread in The Rant is considered hot and the majority of which I'd argue are not (yet) :whistle:
  19. Nerdface

    Behind Her Eyes

    I've just finished watching the first (and currently only) season of Behind Her Eyes with my girlfriend.. Keeps you guessing throughout.. Just when you think you know what might be going on, you're thrown another curveball. Well worth a watch! :geek:
  20. Nerdface

    Anyone like PC gaming?

    Ehh.. I still prefer console gaming, although I do at least now have a fairly capable PC for playing a few games :giggle: I definitely find that PCs lend themselves better to RTS style games.