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  1. Laifot

    People that don't listen to or appreciate new music?

    I'm personally not fond of popular music tbh, so i can't really tell how much it has changed through time but whatever, i'll talk about old school heavy metal and rock'n'roll. I'm not personally in love with New Metal or "Modern" Metal like the band mentioned by @Nerdface not because of the...
  2. Laifot

    Leasing vs. Purchasing?

    I'd say that if you're in the logistic business it's the best idea to renew your fleet without investing too much money at once, if it's just for you then.. just finance it.
  3. Laifot

    Changing the appearance of Windows?

    I'm not attracted of "themes" since most of them after a slight upgrade becomes obsolete most of the times. I only changed my cursor since i hate the white arrow :P
  4. Laifot

    Considering Dropping One Piece

    In this case i support you 100%. The last OP anime episode i watched as around ep. 610 or something.
  5. Laifot

    Considering Dropping One Piece

    It's up to the manga tbh, i couldn't imagine having a different finale after almost 20 years.
  6. Laifot

    Console Wars

    I think that's more of a mid 90s thing. I've never seen a rivalry like Sega and Nintendo these days anymore.
  7. Laifot

    Intel Is going to Lead!

    Wrong, the 11th gen is behind even in single core perfomances in overall tasks, but what really is helping Intel is that AMD has risen their prizes much more and they become a valuable option in mid-tier specs like the i5. Also, i think they made a mistake by still using 14nm fabrication...
  8. Laifot

    Martee in the house

    Hi there! welcome to the forum, we are pleased to have you around! I really like your photo! in this part of the world you'll never see people wearing that much winter clothes :P
  9. Laifot

    Considering Dropping One Piece

    One Piece is more fun in manga IMO, the dubs are really good in English but i still prefer on original audio. It's a shame to drop OP after reaching so long, i'd say you'd give a try to the originals.
  10. Laifot

    Good afternoon fellas! nice to see the forum back!!

    Good afternoon fellas! nice to see the forum back!!
  11. Laifot

    metric > IMPERIAL

    The only problem i have with the US is that they use commas to separate thousands and dots between decimals.. we use it the other way round and it confuses me a bit when i'm buying something online lol.
  12. Laifot

    Anyone like PC gaming?

    Depends on your gaming taste. If you're into competitive games console is not your thing, you always get a better gaming experience in high refreshing rates monitors than a regular TV, to get one you'll need to invest a nice amount of money and won't even make it a decent experience..
  13. Laifot

    Anyone like PC gaming?

    I've been playing a lot of old school video games lately, have you tried Blood? it's a game from 1997 and quite the contender for a legendary FPS along with Doom and Duke Nukem.
  14. Laifot


    what about Aerith? she's gorgeus too!
  15. Laifot

    What size monitor?

    What resolution do you use? And what resolution should one download media files in order to have a good experience?
  16. Laifot

    No Internet! Ohh God. Bored!

    I always have a chess book to read, and i spend a lot of time reading it. As so i love playing videogames as well, i can't live without my music lol
  17. Laifot

    What size monitor?

    All my life i used a 20'' UW monitor.. now i bought a 27'' 1080p and it feels great!
  18. Laifot

    What "diet" do you follow?

    Salmon has high calories but good HDL, if you decide to do some walk or cardio exercise then you'll improve your health quickly!
  19. Laifot

    What "diet" do you follow?

    If you're pretending to lose some weight let me tell you that all that you mentioned in the second sentence are forbidden :P I try to follow a balanced diet, sadly i can't have fish a lot..
  20. Laifot

    Anyone wish you could nuke your internet history/accounts?

    Why? some of them have lots of sentimental value. I thought you meant your internet history wink wink lol I wish i could go back to 2007 though